Welcome to MixBitWallet! The only darknet bitcoin wallet that mixes bitcoins when you receive them. That makes it way more difficult to track bitcoins.
It's as easy as it can be. Just create a wallet with a username and a secure password and login. No Email Address or other informations required!

Now you can receive bitcoins on your new wallet. They are automatically mixed with others users bitcoins and then appear in your balance.

Create wallet now!


  • Free Bitcoin Wallet
  • Only available from Tor
  • No personal informations required
  • Fast response
  • Low outgoing transaction fees (0.5%)


  • Costs: Transactions fees (0.5%) are automatically payed with outgoing transactions.
  • Lost password: It's lost. Because we don't want to store much information about you, there is no way to recover a password!


If you have any problems with our service please email us at mixbitwallet@secmail.pro